Beckman Center For Molecular and Genetic Medicine

The Beckman Service Centers

The Beckman Center houses several core facilities to support scientific research. An overview and contact information is provided below. Follow the links for additional details about the individual facilities, the services each provides, and their rates.

Computer Services and Bioinformatics Facility (CSBF)

CSBF provides computer resources for sequence analysis, molecular modeling, and organic chemistry, as well as consulting, and workshops for biomedical research, with yearly memberships for access to key hardware and software, for Mac, PC and UNIX.
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Cell Sciences Imaging Facility (CSIF)

CSIF provides high-resolution imaging for the study of molecular and structural organization of cells and tissue including confocal, multi-photon, deconvolution, and ratio imaging fluorescence light microscopy.
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Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Facility (FACS)

FACS provides multi-color fluorescence analysis and cell sorting using high-speed laser-based instruments developed at Stanford University.
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Protein and Nucleic Acid Facility (PAN)

The PAN facility provides multifaceted biotechnology support for basic science research, including DNA sequencing and oligo synthesis, protein sequencing and peptide synthesis, protein digestion and HPLC analysis and mapping, mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis, and microarray facility for gene expression analysis.
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